Dark Chocolates Good for Health – Just Don’t consume Too Much !

Have you always been searching for a reason to include a little sweet to your healthy diets? It is certain that people feel guilty for cheating on their low calorie diet that is for sure. You probably even start backsliding and cheat more often after you give in just once. There is great news, that you can add some sweets to your life without feeling guilty about cheating on your diet!  Studies have shown that adding a little dark chocolate to your diet may actually improve your health.

This is great news for anyone who is crazy about chocolates and you no longer have to feel guilty for adding a little chocolate snack while trying to lose weight. The role of the chocolates is to trap the free radicals which are dangerous to the body. A few of the dark chocolates have more anti oxidizing property than others. This news can be a great relief to some of the chocolate crazy people and now they can include the dark chocolate items into their diet without any kind of tension in their minds.

The Dark chocolate consists of a large number of antioxidants which is just about eight times the number found in strawberries. The Flavonoids also help to slow down the blood pressure through the creation of nitric oxide, and balance some hormones in the body. It also helps in lessening the blood pressure and decrease the bad cholesterol. But that doesn’t mean that you can neglect or skip out on the cholesterol medicines your doctor approved, but it will hopefully help make them even more effective.

If you are going under medical care, you should carry on doing everything your doctor tells you to do and ask him if adding dark chocolates to your diet could be a good idea. This is because your doctor will keep an eye on your health and know your history and will be able to give a good opinion on whether it could be helpful for you.

Dark chocolate mainly comprises of a stuff called as flavonoids which has got a number of benefits. The Dark chocolates are considered as antioxidants. Most diseases are caused by oxidation of the cells of the body. When the cellular oxidation reaches a definite level, then different kinds of diseases take place in the body. In order to avoid the cellular oxidation, it is important to take a lot of green tea as well as dark chocolates.

Green tea and chocolates also possess an anti aging property. The very essential part of including this to your diet is to just eat a little portion. You don’t need to consume a ton of dark chocolate to reap the health benefits. Self-control is vital, just a small piece everyday can be the correct dose to help your body and get the health benefits of the dark chocolate. Consuming too much of dark chocolate and you will lose the benefits because dark chocolate is still a high calorie, high fat treat.