Death of Tourists in Thailand are ,believed due to contact with Pesticide

Authorities in Thailand are still not sure on what causes the death of the tourist, but they are speculating that is due from pesticide exposure or other toxic chemicals present in the area where the tourist went.

The people that died were Thai tourist guide, two tourists from Britain, one tourist from France, one tourist from New Zealand and one from the United States.  The tourist stays on three different hotels from January to February.  Aside from the tourists that died, there are three more, which got affected by the chemicals, but they are lucky enough to recover from it.

The most recent news comes from a posting on the Thai government’s Department of Disease Control website on Tuesday, which said the authorities have performed an investigation into the unexplained deaths but the results were indecisive, as well as the  agents that caused the deaths and sickness does not recognize.  It also states that authorities cannot determine how the victims came in contact with the chemicals.

The American tourist who passes away was a 33-year-old woman. She died on 11 January from damage to the heart muscle. The website report bring in mind  her death is the result of too much exposure to a chemical pesticide, and that lab tests ruled out drugs and viral sources.  Her travelling partner, who also got sick was a 29-year-old woman from Canada, but somehow manage to recover.  Both of them were staying in the same hotel room.

A 25-year-old French woman who dies in January 19, authorities believe that her death was not similar to the others. They found out that the woman had died from severe myocarditis, presumably due to a viral infection more willingly than exposure to a toxin. She had checked into a second of the three lodges, and a female travelling companion who checked in at the same time did not suffer from the same fate.

Most of the evidence only concerns four women: a 47-year-old from Thailand, discovered dead on 3 February, a 23-year- old from New Zealand, who died on 6 February and her two friends, also 23 years old, who got well again.

The three New Zealand women fell ill on 3 February and discovered that they developed severe metabolic acidosis also; two of them had damages in the heart muscle.  The Thai woman most likely died from unexpected arrhythmia, said the report. All of the four women stays in within the same hotel in the same hotel.