Detox Diet Has Nothing To Do With Reduce Body Weight

There was a conventional thinking that detox diets help in build up a healthy body and fight out harmful chemicals from body. But a recent scientific study has rejected the claim and said that detox diet does not do anything like that. David Bender who is a professor of nutritional biochemistry has claimed that the former belief about the effects of detox diet was established on some in sufficient premise. Daily Mail has mentioned that. He has also emphasized on the fact that there cannot simply be any short cut to weight loss.

So called detox diet instructs to take a huge amount of vegetables, fruits and juices and lots of water. The diet also stresses on avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sugar. The diet was thought to build up a healthy body by increasing energy levels and letting the body to focus on self healing. But the recent study conducted by Professor David Bender of University College London has published a complete radical view in an article, titled ‘The Detox Delusion’ which is appeared in the ‘The Biologist’, the Society of Biology magazine.

According to him the term detox has evolved from a term that indicates to the chemical reaction in the urine production. He has also asserted that such kinds of beliefs are very much dangerous for health because they mislead people. Professor has claimed that there is nothing like the process of self healing and the concept of increasing energy levels is absolutely bogus.

While discussing in details he asserted that the whole belief about the detox diets is based on a premise (which is itself doubtful) that toxins lead to putting on weight, general malaise etc. He made it clear that weight gain happens when body experiences lack of balance between energy expanses and food consumption.