DNA Tests Can Measure New Born Sex Within 7 Week

DNA test in pregnant woman can even tell the sex of the baby, according to an US research.

A team of researchers from US has stated that DNA test with the help of the pregnant women blood quit successfully measures the original sex of the new born baby after seven weeks of gestation, but don’t creating any danger.

The researchers have also defined that the Meta analysis of previous studies on that topic indicate that using of cell free fetal DNA, which can be found in the blood cell of a pregnant mother, is more accurate than a sonogram or urine test. Also, it is too much safe than amniocentesis.

Before that an ultrasound procedure have done that same work within the time period of 11 to 14 weeks, but it is not the safest way to measure, because it effects on the sample fluid sac which usually surrounds all around the fetus and creates small risk of miscarriage.

With the sequence to the fact the researchers of this study have jointly stated in the Journal of the American Medical Association “The ability of a reliable noninvasive alternative at the time of determining fetal sex somehow can reduce unintended fetal losses which usually be welcomed by the pregnant women, because they usually carries the fetuses and the risk for disorders.”

To justify the results of the study the team of researchers have involved more than 57 study by representing 3,017 female bearing and 3,524 male bearing pregnancies and they have successfully found the rate of its accuracy is nearly 95 – 99 percent.

The technology which is usually used here is detect the cell free circulating Y- chromosome DNA is the sequence of the plasma in pregnant women, which announced at in the year 1997.

Many hospitals in Europe including Netherlands, Britain, France and Spain, are now offering their patients for this test in a routine way. Though, there some companies are also started selling this test over the internet.