Do 15 Minutes Daily Exercise And Extend Your Life By 3 Years

A newly formed large study in Taiwan has suggested “If you wish to do 15 minutes of exercise daily then it can add your 3 years of more lifetimes.”

The researchers have also stated in general most of the people are often suffering at the time of maintaining 30 minutes of daily exercise guideline and five days a week. So the researchers are now expecting that their low dose exercise guidelines will motivate more people of doing daily exercise.

Chi Pang Wen, from Taiwan`s National Health Research Institutes and the lead author of this research, has stated “ People can do anything within this period of exercise like brick walking, jumping – in short anything which they usually like to do.”

In an interview Wen has stated “It’s not only for men but apart from that it is also applicable for all women, young and old also including all healthy and unhealthy people.”

With the sequence to the fact, Wen and his collegians have tracked over 416,000 participants, whom they have monitored over 13 years by analyzing their health records and reported levels of physical activity each year.

By keeping everything in account in terms of age, weight, sex and a range of health related indicators they have found doing exercise just for 15 minutes daily can be increased their life up to three years more compared to those who have not taken help of any exercise.

Wen has stated “The benefits of doing first 15 minutes of exercise are enormous.”

Later he also added “Daily exercise is also linked up with the lower incidents of cancer, which has appeared for reducing cancer related death in one person in ten and sooner and later all we are going to die day by day, but compared to the less inactive group this low exercise group have shown more mortality in cancer.”

“So all of us need to do at least 15 minutes of exercise daily” Wen has said.