Driving May Lead To Skin Cancer-As UV Study Stated

Researchers at the University Of Washington say that people in US, generally more chance for developing deadly forms of skin cancer on the left parts of their bodies, though it entirely depends on their actual style of drive.

According to the USA Today reports it can be say that the UW researchers who are appointed for looking at government data in this case stated while we drive on the left side of the car, then our body shocks harmful UV rays on that side.

Moreover the researchers reportedly found that while the cancer on the skin showed up at one part of the body then a little or more than a half of the merkel cell carcinomas and melanoma were found on the left side.  But the main fact is near about 55 percent of the merkel cell appeared at the upper arms on the left side of the body.

Same types of researches has already done 25 years ago which stated that men in Australia were more likely to have precancerous growth on the left part of their bodies, because Australia is a right side driven country.

But the practical fact is the government database did not include information on the skin cancer patients or other driving habits like they put their arms outside of the window or if they drove along with the rolled down of the window.

Paul Nghein, Study Co-Author, reportedly said “All the time car windows get out overall damaging UV rays, though the UVA rays can penetrate glass and can cause for skin damage also.”

Paul also mentioned later “The people who always drive with their windows up do not need to apply sunscreen on their body before driving.”

But the main fact which the National Cancer Institute stated is more than 68,000 of people were diagnosed with melanoma last year and near about 8,600 died of it.