Eat Grapes – Reduce Premature Aging

A source of the new study that made few days earlier have stated that fruit is quite potential to prevent pre mature ageing and skin cancer, so if you ever wish to avoid looking older than your age then you should relishing grapes.

In this regard Daily Mail has reported that “The entire report of the study has shown that the components which usually take place in the cell of the fruit is quite be able to protect cells from the devastating ultraviolet radiation, emits by the sun. In spite of that, it is the main environmental cause of the skin cancer.”

It is true that in general UV rays or Ultra Violet rays always increase the levels of reactive oxygen species, which harmful molecules always damage the skin cells.

With the sequence to the fact the group of scientists from the Spanish National Research Council and the University of Barcelona have identified a substance named as flavonoids, usually take place in the cell of the grapes, which is quite being able to prevent these form of forming explosion by the Ultra Violet rays.

Marta Cascante, the director of this research project and a biochemist at the University of Barcelona, have stated “This invented results should be kept in mind at the time of developing further photo protection skin care products.”

Again in this matter Cascante has opened his mouth and has stated “The overall results of this study supports this idea of using this products in order to protect the skin from the cell damage as well as death which usually caused by the solar radiation.”

The entire statement and the whole report of this study has published at Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry earlier this week.