Eating Fiber Rich Food Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases

Researchers after a recent study have claimed that those teenagers who eat plenty of green vegetables and whole grains have fewer chances of diabetes and heart diseases. But they have also mentioned if teenagers continue to eat foods full of cholesterol then eating extra fiber rich foods will give no result. Joe Carlson who is the head of the Division of Sports and Cardiovascular Nutrition at the Michigan State University have mentioned that there is no chance that teens who eat cholesterol rich foods will successfully dodge the risk of diabetes and heart diseases by eating extra fiber rich foods.

Dr. Carlson reported to Reuters that if someone thoughtlessly eats saturated fat then nothing can save him rising cholesterol level. So people must concentrate on having a fiber rich diet including green fresh vegetables and whole grains. The researchers chose 2000 teens from United States and examined their diet and health condition in order to find out whether they have the metabolic syndromes or the risk to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart diseases. Six percent of teens showed metabolic syndrome. Nine percent of the teens who did not eat fiber rich food showed metabolic syndrome while only three percent of teens who ate fiber rich foods showed metabolic syndromes.

Records show every year 600000 people in America die of heart diseases and almost 26 million Americans have diabetes. So, it has become very much necessary to cut down the percentage. Dr. Carlson has mentioned that consuming more fiber rich food is not alone responsible for cutting down the risk of metabolic syndromes but eating fiber rich food and at the same time avoiding saturated fat can help in reducing the risk. However the study needs more observation and examination, mentioned the researchers.