Eating Red Meat Is Bit Risky For Your Healthy Heart

This news may sound a bit disappointing for the red meat lovers. We all know how essential the food or diet is for our human heart, or at least we should know. Everyday there are some kind of report or news coming about this. We get bombarded with lots of information about it. Even though how much attention do we pay to it? And do we take it seriously? The answer is not.

However it is necessary that we realize that there are some simple things that we can do to help improve the diet we are on to help keep our hearts healthier. One such easy way is to simply cutting down the amount on the red meat we eat. Don’t cringe at that, this is absolutely not to say that you have to put down that knife and fork and throw away that delicious beef steak completely from your dining table . You only have to do is just cut back on it and don’t eat it as regularly as you may do right now.

When you are taking your meal try to keep in mind that not to have much quantity of the red meat in your meal. Merely change the way that you did in consuming your red meat. It will be better that you should consider it more of a balance to your vegetables and fruits and not the other way around. When you choose to eat red meat just try to make it only fill about one- fourth of your plate and then fill the rest of your plate with other things. Some years ago, red meat was believed to be a luxury for the average American, or at least it was considered a special meal; whether it was cooking a roast for Sunday dinner or ordering a large steak at a restaurant.

That is not even today however. Meat consumption has more than doubled in the United States in the years. That information has caused a great concern in the cancer research community. A fresh study of more than millions of American women aged between fifty to seventy have provided the best evidence, showing that our love for red meat has a price on our health and has reduced our longevity.

The recent study done in The Archives of Internal Medicine have found out that, women who eat the most red and processed meat were likely to die earlier, especially from one of our two leading killers, heart disease and the dreaded breast cancer. This was not found in those who consumed smaller amounts of these foods.

During the last decade of that study, the researchers kept track of the timing and reasons for each death. Do not forget that you require protein for your body to work well, but try including other rich proteins more often over the red meats. Thus consider selecting things like pork, chicken, fish, beans and even vegetable burgers. Today’s veggie burgers are way more delicious than they were when they first came out.