Eggs In Breakfast Lead To Weight Loss

A new study conducted by the researchers at Surrey University has claimed that eating eggs in breakfast can help in shedding a good load of fats from body.  So it is best for your health to start your day with eating eggs.

It was a conventional thinking that eating eggs can lead to developing high blood pressures and high cholesterol levels. But breaking the former conventions researchers has claimed that eaten eggs in breakfast table help in cutting down the extra calories gathered in lunch and dinner table.

We get less hungry after eating eggs than other breakfast foods. According to the researchers people who prefer biscuits, cake or chocolate for their afternoon snacks should have eggs in their breakfast so that the eggs can keep them fuller for long time.

The lead researchers of the study Prof Bruce Griffin has mentioned that as eating eggs in breakfast keeps us fuller for long time we feel less hungry and so we eat less frequently which in turn leads us to significant weight loss.

For the study the researchers selected three types of breakfasts and compared their effects on health. One of the three types of breakfasts was consisted of eggs on toast, the second one was consisted of milk, cornflakes and toast and the last one was consisted of a croissant and orange juice.

During the study the researchers found that people who were assigned to the breakfast including eggs and toasts felt less hungry during the day and thus they felt less urge to eat than people who were assigned to the other two breakfast charts. That is why researchers have described eggs in breakfast as a significant element for weight loss program. Consuming eggs in breakfast also leads to less energy intake at lunch and dinner than other breakfast foods.