Excessive Use of Cell Phones Can Become Cause to Cancer

The Cell phones have been an essential part of communication from a long time, and their importance is only rising day by day. Approximately everyone has got a cell phone today, as proven by the fact that there are at the present time there are more than  billion cell phones which are in use in the United States alone. A lot of people can’t seem to get away from their cell phones, even for a short time. This causes some to worry about the health hazards that may result from excessive cell phone use.

Although some experts may disagree on some of the health hazards of phone use, there are definitely a few ways that you can be safer with your cell phone, including using a reverse phone lookup. Nowadays, cell phones have become a requirement. They provide comfort and speedy communication. However, they also may prove to be harmful, to environment and human beings. A medical research has proved that extensive use of cell phones can slow down the sperm count in men. The study found out that men using cell phones for more than four hours daily had low sperm count.

The Cell phone health dangers are a topic that is a hot topic for debate, but almost everyone agrees on the fact that one of the biggest hazards to your health concerning cell phones are accidents caused by not paying sufficient attention. We see that car accidents are the most common form of cell phone related accident; many people have seriously injured themselves just because of talking on a cell phone while walking. Furthermore, many experts thing that prolonged and extensive cell phone use may cause long term health problems such as hearing loss, and probably even cancer, but others dispute these claims as lacking hard evidence.

There is one more way in which cell phones could cause a health risk: through unnecessary calls from companies. The radiation that is emitted from all cell phones is actually electromagnetic radiation. The emissions are very little and are existent because of use of radio waves. Even though they are believed to be safe to use, it is advisable not to use you them for hours at a time. Even small dose of radiation build up over time can be dangerous.

In addition to this, there are thousands of accidents every year that don’t involve driving, but do involve mobile phones. Many users, who were one minute chatting happily away while walking down a busy street, find themselves in the medical rooms with painful injuries. The cell phone is not to blame entirely, but the lack of attentiveness as to where they were walking, and their reduced special awareness, is.

Fractures, sprains and concussions are just some of the suffering caused by tripping or falling while using it. This has affected the costing industry billions of dollars a year in sick pay and health insurance. Permanent disability can occur from this kind of accident, all because of the cell phone call.