Exercise Can Help After Heart Attack

Earlier exercise with no rest can be treated as one of the best option after recovering from a heart attack. Because, now a new study has uncovered that has shown that the condition of the heart can be even better, if one prefer to choose exercise for a long time period.
In this regard Mark Haykowsky, the co author of this research from the University of Alberta, has stated “While this study has been shown how exercise can effect on the heart function, then aside from that it is also necessary to give the heart proper rest.”

There after Alex Clark, the co author of this entire research and the researcher from Alberta, have said “In the ancient time all the patients from US and Canada had got advice to take rest for a month before starting of exercise treatment and in general the patients could do it only for three months.”

In this matter a well known journal has also reported “Patients, who in general starts his daily exercise program just one week after recovering from a heart attack, are successfully noticed with the best heart performance. Moreover, the patients who have thought for waiting at the time of making exercise rehabilitation program, the results have shown that they are not with in the good condition taking their heart.”

Alberta statement has stated “A week of exercise looks like similar to a one month recovery from the heart attack.”

Later he also added “The entire finding of our study is strictly indicating that at least six months of continuous exercise is highly needed at this moment.”