Fish Consumption Lowers Diabetes Risk

Nowadays diabetes has become a common threat to people. A huge portion of the total population of Earth is suffering from diabetes or likely to develop diabetes. Researchers are finding hardly the cure of diabetes as well as the ways of keeping diabetes away. A study conducted most recently has claimed that by eating fish on a regular basis is helpful to keep diabetes away. The researchers examined and observed the dietary habits of the people of Spain and came to that conclusion.

Mercedes Sotos Prieto of the University of Valencia conducted the study. To conduct the study he observed 945 men and women. They were 55 to 80 years of old. They shared the commonness of having the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. After the study the researchers found that eating fish everyday cut down their risk of developing diabetes. Fish is very much helpful to maintain healthy heart.

The researchers also claimed that in contrast to consuming fish everyday eating red meat increases the risk of developing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Diseases. Red meat also lowered the life expectancy by encouraging cancer or heart diseases.

That is why the researchers have mentioned that people should include fish in their diet rather than red meats because while fish increases life expectancy by reducing diabetes risk red meat decreases life expectancy by boosting up diabetes risk.

But the reason of such effect of fish on diabetes has not yet been discovered. Researchers have assured that they are trying hard to discover the link between eating fish and reduction of diabetes risk. There are many hypotheses. One of them is that fish consumption increases the Omega 3 level in the skeletal muscles which leads to improved insulin sensitivity which in turn reduces the diabetes risk.