Garlic Oil Can Heal Heart After Attack

A study lead by some researchers at the Emory University School of Medicine has disclosed that is a particular component in Garlic Oil that is capable of treating Heart After Attack. The component, namely the Diallyl trisulfide during Heart Surgery or during the treatment for Heart Failure delivers compounds to heal the damage of heart done by Heart Attack.

Hydrogen sulfide in low concentrations is the compound that is protective to heart. But unfortunately it is very much difficult to supply the compound as a therapy. Now the findings have shown the scientists a way to provide the Hydrogen Sulfide to the heart. In fact the researchers have claimed that in many cases when it, becomes necessary to deliver the Hydrogen Sulfide to heart doctors can use the diallyl trisulfide for supplying it.

Mr. David Lefer who is a professor of surgery at Emory University School of Medicine and also the director of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Laboratory at Emory University Hospital in Midtown has informed that they are now working with the Oral Drugs that supply hydrogen sulfide and trying to find out their usefulness in healing heart after attack. If the Oral Drugs can fulfill the purpose then the patients will be free from the pain of taking sulfide-delivery drugs through injection.

Benjamin Predmore who is a postdoctoral fellow while working on the issue with Lefer cause heart attack to some mice by blocking their coronary arteries for almost 45 minutes and then gave diallyl sulfide to some of them immediately before blood flow was reconditioned in their body. He found that diallyl sulfide healed the damaged tissues of heart of mice by 61 per cent in comparison to those mice which were not given the compound.

Another postdoctoral fellow of the researcher group Kazuhisa Kondo has found that Diallyl sulfide if given twice daily can prevent heart enlargement.