Gene Can Maintain Male Sex

With the help of a new study, has formed earlier this month, the researchers have discovered a gene which usually maintains sex of male throughout life, not only that this discovery is also quite being able to shed light on the origin of some human sex reversal disorders also.

The entire study has led by the Dr. David Zarkower ( U of M Department of Genetics) and Vivian Bardwell (Cell Biology and Development) which has found that if an important male development gene or Dmrt1 is removed then it can convert male cells of mouse into its equivalent female cells.

Within the mammals the entire sex chromosomes, XX in female and XY in male, are quite being able to determine the future sex of the animal during the period of embryonic development, while the gonads will become testes or ovaries.

With the sequence to the fact Zarkower said “Various scientists have assumed that once this sex determination decision is made in the embryo, then it seems like final.”

Later he also added “Through out this experiment we have discovered that while the loss of Dmrt 1 is happened in the mouse tests then usually many male cells convert towards female cells and this entire test also shows the signs of becoming more like ovaries.”

Before this research, many early researchers has shown that removing Foxl2, a gene, from the ovaries is quite being able to convert a female cell completely into male cell.

Zarkower also stated “This latest U of M research has completely identified that the gonads of both sexes must maintain the original sex determination decision quite actively through out the whole life.”