Genes Are A Major Contributing Factor Of Back Pain

As we all are very familiar with the fact that pain in the back is generally starts due to ageing, but few days back a new research has done by the Gregory Livshits, professor of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Anatomy and Anthropology as well as Sackler Faculty of medicine, which shows that the genes are one of the major contributing factor to this back pain. 

The results which have come out from the study is quite being able to identify the different mechanisms that in general are involved directly with this back pain and quite be able to lead you to more advanced treatment options.

The researcher’s team has also shown that genetics are quite potential in playing a key role in lower back pain and aside from that the deterioration of intervertebral disease of the spinal cord area.

But this has become one of the surprising things while Prof. Livshits stated “Disk degeneration and lower back pain never overlap and all of these are caused by the different factors of gene.”

With the link to the fact Prof. Livshits and his team mates involved twin population of 2,500 individuals including both identical and non identical female twins. Moreover in this purpose they also tested few potential risk factors also such as weight, smoking, vertebral disc degeneration disease, physical work as well as genetic predisposition.

Non identical twins, who already shared half of their genetic make-up, were more likely suffer from back pain three times if their twin condition did so as well. Aside from that identical twins, who already shared all their genes, was more likely suffer from join disease six times than non identical, if twin experienced the same joined disease at the same time.

With the sequence to the fact Prof. Livshits has also stated “As we find that this discovery is quite being able to revolutionize the treatment of the back pain.”