Genetic Errors Behind Schizophrenia

A new research has claimed that in general more than 50 percent of sporadic cases of schizophrenia happens due to the de novo, which is a protein altering mutations. This kind of genetic errors are presence in the patients while he have been suffering from schizophrenia, but this do not come in their body from their parents.

To prove that Maria Karayiorgou (MD and group leader) and Joseph A. Gogos (MD and PHD) have examined the gammons of patients along with existing schizophrenia. They have also examined their family members also. All of those have taken from the genetically isolated European-descent Afrikaner population from the country of South Africa.

From that research they have found near about 40 mutations, all of which have come out from different types of genes and most of them are protein altering.

In this matter the researchers have also stated “The entire results of the study point out the way of finding more genes, it can even more than hundreds of mutations, which in general can cause the disease like schizophrenia. So the entire study is a necessary step towards understanding how the disease of schizophrenia develops.”

Bin Xu, the first author of the study and the assistant professor of clinical neurobiology of the Columbia University Medical Center, has stated “Identification of those damage de novo mutations can play the key role at the time of finding out the exact reason of schizophrenia.”

Karayiorgou has stated “The main fact is the entire mutations come out from the different genes.”

Later she added “If we found many more mutations at one point, then we can suspect that it may even develop schizophrenia. It happens due to the complexity of the natural circuits of our body that affects at the time of the disease.”

The entire study and the results have published at the Nature Genetics.