Health Care Lawsuit Against President Obama’s Decision Moves To The Supreme Court

A conservative law firm known as Thomas More Law Center based in Ann Harbor, Michigan has applied to the Supreme Court to withhold the health care reforms proposed by President Barack Obama. The appeal filed in the Supreme Court states that the Congress was overstepping its powers in making it compulsory for all American citizens to acquire health care insurance cover or pay financial penalties if they fail to comply with this requirement.

According to the representatives of the Thomas More Law Center, the passing of this bill will provide unparalleled authority to the Congress, which may be possibly used to create complicated rules and regulations to rectify any potentially perceived problem. Moreover, the law would be a method to encourage private citizens to conduct affirmative acts under the legal penalty clause. In the previous month, a three-judge panel was divided on the same issue. However, the panel comprising sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in Cincinnati had rejected the center’s disagreement in continuing the crux of this matter, which is the insurance cover requirement.

Georgia and twenty-five other states have been battling with the appeals court to uphold the decision of the Florida court that ruled that the Congress was not able to implement any law that makes it compulsory for all American citizens to acquire an insurance cover. The three-panel of judges have upheld the new reform law until now. This special three-judge panel was formed as the first appeals court ruling on the significant health care reform law. The decision of the Sixth Circuit was a first of its kind, which was further augmented by Justice Jeffrey Sutton being the first Republican against his history. Justice Sutton had been previously appointed by President George. W. Bush.

The new reform law is expected to provide medical cover for over thirty million individuals who presently do not possess any insurance cover. In addition, significant implications for various sectors, such as health care, which include health insurers, manufacturers of medicines, device companies, hospitals, and other related sectors.

Some of the prominent legal experts provide an opinion that a final decision in the health care reforms sector mention that the hearing for this case is expected to be listed on March 2003. Several federal courts, which include Atlanta and Richmond, Va. have also heard the proceedings challenging the new order. These federal courts have still not provided any decision on this issue. The Washington federal court is also scheduled to hear the case during the month of September.