Healthcare Access Key for European People

European Union is originated by European Economic Cooperation. This economic block was established with the idea to strengthen the role of European countries during the dynamic world economic growth. With the European Union, European communities become united as a strategic social and political entity. Citizen of a European Union country could access social services provided by other European Union members.

One of the benefits of European Union cooperation enjoyed by its citizens is European Health Insurance Card. This is a health insurance systems provided in 27 EU member countries as well as several no member countries. Under this system, a citizen of an EU country could get the same access to healthcare service like the native citizen. This system is very useful for European citizen who are visiting other EU countries for business or vacation as well as those who are temporary staying for school or work. European Health Insurance Card could cover health care service for illness or injuries while you are abroad and let you eliminate all hassles to get the treatment you deserve. This insurance card is completely free for European Union country’s legal citizen. You can get the card from local healthcare authority. When you are planning to go abroad to other EU countries, don’t forget to make sure that you have this health insurance card.

As mentioned above European Health Insurance Card is free and all citizens could eligible to obtain the card. But it is important to notice that although you are recommended to have European Health Insurance Card when you want to travel abroad, European Health Insurance Card shouldn’t be confused with travel insurance. European Health Insurance Card isn’t alternative for travel insurance and won’t be able to replace it. The card will only provide access to healthcare service but not pre-existing health condition.  European Health Insurance Card is also not valid for private medical healthcare service thus you still need to have valid travel insurance coverage.

Although European Health Insurance Card is designed to allow you access state provided healthcare for free, there are cases that the healthcare service still require you to pay for the treatment. You don’t need to worry about it. You can reimburse your expense through local healthcare authority or you can also get the reimbursement from healthcare authority in your home country. Don’t hesitate to seek more information for European Health Insurance Card and apply it today. It would valid for 5 years.