Healthy Foods For Healthy Heart

A recent study has proved that patients of Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes should necessarily include in their diet chart vegetables like beans, soybean, tofu and lentils. These vegetables have lots of proteins in them and they also offer a very little amount of fat and cholesterol. That’s why these foods are exactly appropriate for the patients of cardiovascular disease and diabetics. That report was disclosed by an expert on Sunday.

With time the numbers of Diabetic Patients and Heart Patients are increasing. So keeping it in mind and drawing down the numbers of the diabetic patients and heart patients nutritionist Ishi Khosla at the Max Super Specialty Hospitality conducted a cooking session named “Healthy Food for Healthy Heart”. It was an interactive session. Mr. Khosla’s aim was to find out the way of reducing the number and aware people of the ways so that can apply the remedies.

Most of the people love to eat. People generally choose food depending on the tastes. There are a few people, who choose foods according to the good elements contained in them. There is hardly any person who is even aware of the food values of their fav foods. Professor Khosla suggested that people should keep in mind that eating is an art. So people should not be devoid of intelligence in case of eating. They should eat intelligently. He has also suggested that people should know which foods are suitable for them and what is the limit of eating that food.

In the cooking session simple and easy to cook recipes that are suitable for diabetic and cardiovascular patients were shared. In the recipes we can notice an experiment with ingredients like beans, soybean, tofu and lentils. Professor Khosla has also suggested that people should drink green tea.