Heart Attack Might Occur Twice If Without Proper Care

Heart attack survivors never considered the fact that they are in danger of suffering from another heart attack in the same year and try to make critical lifestyle alterations, a survey has discovered.

Some are taking medications without consulting their doctors first.  Also, fails to attend rehabilitation program.

Based on the findings from a Heart Support-Australia survey of 300 attack survivors participants have caused fears among people that are not into enough long-term care.

Australian hospitals deal with 55,700 heart attack cases yearly, in excess of 10,000 patients dies.

For those who survive, one in five are going to have another heart attack or are going to need heart surgery in 12 months, and one in 11 will die in the same year.

Although, the patients are already aware of it, they continue on with their lifestyles.

The survey found that, though virtually half, the 300 survivors made it, and nearly nine out of 10 does not endorse the problem they are facing or take the risk too lightly the possibility of a second attack occurring in 12 months.

Around 79 percent of the patients believes they are not going to die from a heart attack.

Though the lucky ones were all been invited to the six-week rehabilitation programs, 60 percent only goes back to the hospital for ongoing treatment.

Around 85% of  attendees will try to improve their lifestyle by changing their eating and exercising habits.  About  third of the patients still afraid that they are going to die from a heart attack.

However, one quarter gave up their healthy living within three months.

Although, medications advised by the doctors, about one third of the patients does not take or change the dosage without consulting their physician.

The soon to be former Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association’s head Paula Candlish believes that most of the survivors, did not expect the chances of having a second heart attack simply because they lack the knowledge about the danger of neglecting second chances of heart attack occurring.

Rehab centres might not be able to follow up with their former patients as they have too much incoming patients.

Candish claims that the government needed to add more funding to the health care so that patients  taken care off.  With the money that the government is going to provide, health care staffs can do their job right.

Candish added that once that the patient got treated; they immediately dispatched the patients outside the hospital.  They advise the patient to be concerned with their health, but they could not monitor them anymore.