Help Combat NTDs

Although it may seem to be invisible, no one can defend health-issues unless one prevents. Yet to prevent there is one key that ties the knot. Affordability and access are the most significant. Without either which, one is forced to seek for alternatives while it is actually a right that is to be preserved by the country, no excuse. Sadly, not many people of this world even have any options of the two, or options to anything. This is where an active member of the community comes in to help fill in the loopholes and assist right preservation. Health concerns are and always have been high therefore the issue is believed to stay relevant until a perfect mechanism is produced by nations. Until that day comes, Global Network Neglected Tropical Diseases is ready at all times on the look out.

Combat NTDs

Global Network Neglected Tropical Diseases works on a comprehensive act of socializing the NTDs, controlling, eliminating, securing health, raising attention, caring and curing. With this on the agenda the team of professionals and volunteers are directly placed in the field to lend a helping hand. As Global Network Neglected Tropical Diseases have been in the field for many years, networks and support systems for them have played a great role of outreaching and creating the attention that everyone should be aware of. Neglected is not an issue until you are infected. Once you do, it is between miracle, struggle, effective cure and hope that one is to be healed. For the team contributions can come in many forms, donating is one of the many. Send your form of care to the ones who have neither access nor the money to cure, care and prevent. Your contribution is believed to be of great help.

Forms of helping don’t stop there either. You are challenged to gather friends at campus or workplace and collect 50 cents each. In the end they will be accumulated and donated to the many in less-developing areas where NTDs are an actual issue. Nothing is ever too late of you put hard work into it, for some where out there your donation can save a life or at least raise a smile. Over 1.4 billion people in this world are subject of this disease yet very little attention is raised towards combating it. Mostly found in Asia, Latin America and Africa it is astonishing to learn that 90% carry this burden already.