High Consumption Of Red Meat Causes Kidney Cancer

Consuming lots of red meat may increase the risk of developing some types of kidney cancer, a recent major US study has mentioned. The researchers after conducting the study has mentioned that people, mostly the middle aged adult people who are the major consumer of red meat have 19 per cent higher risk of developing kidney cancer in comparison with people who ate least red meat. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has mentioned that the chemicals that are found in grilled or barbecued meat are responsible for boosting up the risk of developing the kidney cancer.

Dr. Mohammed El-Faramawi who is an epidemiologist from the University Of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, although was not involved in the study, has informed that red meat is rich in iron and protein. He has also mentioned that as consuming a limited amount of red meat cuts down the risk of renal cancer, people should not stop eating red meat. Keep on eating a limited amount of red meat is therefore a good idea.

Dr. Mohammed El-Faramawi has also mentioned that although eating excessive red meat does not directly lead to kidney cancer it may cause many serious health problems including developing plaque in arteries.

Many previous studies had discovered the relationship of red meat and kidney cancer development. But those findings failed to draw a neat and clear picture of the aforementioned cause and effect. In order to clear the previous picture researchers collected data from a study conducted over 500,000 US people of 50 years of age or more. Researchers observed their food habits and the frequency of eating red meat for nine years. Among the participants nearly 1800 people were diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Researchers found that participants who ate red meat maximum in amount which was four ounce per day were 19 per cent more likely to develop kidney cancer than participants who ate red meat minimum in amount which was one ounce per day. Researchers have also found that participants who ate grilled or barbecued meat were more likely to develop kidney cancer than participants who did not eat meat in that way because the chemical that leads to kidney cancer comes out when meat gets processed in this way.