High Fiber Food is a Good Remedy to Avoid Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer can be avoided by consuming a high fiber food, according to latest research. Grains, especially whole grains and cereals can be a very effective remedy against colorectal cancer. This cancer is the cancer that attacks the rectum and colon region of the body. The research was carried out by researchers in Holland and Britain. The research took into account almost two million people. As per the study, risk of colorectal cancer was reduced by 10% for every 10g increase in fibrous intake.

In addition to providing protection against colorectal cancer, consumption of fibrous foods is also a good way to keep cardiovascular diseases away. However, how fibrous foods help in protecting against colorectal cancer remained a mystery in certain portions. In most of the studies that have taken place on this subject, the results have remained inconsistent. In order to remove this inconsistency, researchers studied a huge number of people. The universities involved in the study are Imperial College London, Leeds and Wageningen.

25 studies, which consist of a study group of 2 million, were analyzed as part of the study. The researches considered for the study are all high quality and reliable researches. Not content with normal analysis methods, the researchers employed meta-analysis in order to get highly precise results. This system of research also brought the different studies under one big umbrella. The results obtained were encouraging. It came to light that fibrous foods did bring a reduction, albeit minor, in risks related to colorectal cancer. Another special aspect of the study is dose-response study. This is the study that reveals how the risk of cancer fluctuates depending on dosage of food.

The study found that including three additional helpings of whole grains, which makes the net fiber consumption 90g per day, reduces the risk of cancer by 20%. The most common high fiber grains, which are also recommended by the study, are wholegrain bread, porridge, brown rice, oatmeal and cereals. Besides whole grains and cereals, vegetables are also a good way to gain dietary fiber. However, according to the study, the fiber obtained from fruits and vegetables are not effective in reducing cancer risk. An interesting contrast is the fact that consumption of fruits and vegetables does help in reduction of cancer risk. This find has led to the conclusion that other elements present in fruits and vegetables are helpful in reducing cancer risk.

Researchers have said that further studies are required in order to assess which kind of fiber is good with regard to colorectal cancer and whether lifestyle and overall diet also have a role to play in curbing cancer risk.