High Sugar Beverages Lead To Develop Diabetes

After a recent study some researchers from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre has cited that consuming two or more high sugar beverages a day not only adds up fats in women’s waistline, but also increases their risks of developing diabetes and heart diseases. By high sugar beverages they indicated to carbonated sodas and flavored water.

To conduct the study researchers drew a comparison between some middle aged and old women who had consumed two or more than two high sugar beverages daily with women who had consumed less. The study disclosed that women who consumed much sugar beverages showed four times more chances to develop high triglycerides and increase glucose levels in blood. Those women were also more likely to enhance their waist sizes.

Christina Shay who led the study has mentioned that although women who drank two or more than two high sugar beverages a day resulted in increased waist line they did not put on weight.  She has also mentioned that consuming high sugar beverages in that amount may cause women to develop diabetes gradually.

The MESA or the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis conducted studies on the food frequencies of nearly 4166 African-American, Caucasian, Chinese-Americans and Hispanic adults. Those selected people were aged between 45 years and 84 years. The researchers found that when they started the study those people did not have the risk to develop cardiovascular diseases. But with time they gradually develop the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

That is why the researchers have advised women who like to drink high sugar beverages to control themselves and sustain from drinking so much of the high sugar beverages if they want a happy and healthy body and life.

The study results were appeared in the American Heart Association`s Scientific Sessions in the year 2011.