Hypertension Medication Before Bedtime Rather Than In The Morning Yields Better Results

According to latest researches, it is better and less risky to consume medication for hypertension before going to bed in the night rather than the normal practice of having it in the morning. Nighttime usage of medication reduces risk of cardiac problems and strokes. The research was conducted by Spanish researchers. Statistics reveal that one-third of citizens in US suffer hypertension. Longer life and obesity are supposed to be the major reasons behind this occurrence. This statistic has been revealed by the World Health Organization. The huge number of people suffering hypertension are also liable to other risk factors related to the brain and heart. The World Health Organization has also said that the management of blood pressure is not as efficient as the techniques used to curb cardiovascular disease. The study in Spain takes a step forward in suggesting a better way for treating the problem.

The study, conducted under the leadership of Dr. Ramon Hermida from the University of Vigo, revealed that people who took at least one medication for hypertension before bedtime were safer from risk of cardiac conditions and were found to be better in control of blood pressure. This result is in comparison with those who took medication in the morning. The study has brought forth a very impressive way of managing blood pressure without spending extra effort and money. The same drugs that are used in the morning can be taken before bedtime. Although previous studies had proved that the effect of medication for hypertension varies in reference to the time of the day when the drug was consumed, the precise effects that the time of consumption had on the heart were not known. The study was conducted on 661 people who suffered chronic kidney problems in addition to hypertension.

The study group was divided into two groups – one group was administered hypertension drugs in the morning and the other was administered the drug in the night. Blood pressure was monitored at the beginning of the study through an ambulatory monitor that patients were asked to wear for 48 hours. The process was repeated three months after there was a change in medicine. The study went on for 5.4 years. Results showed that people who took medicine in the night had significantly controlled blood pressure in the morning. The risk of heart attacks and strokes was lower as well. It was found that the risk of heart failures was down by 50% in people who took medication before sleeping.