Hypoglycemia Is Genetic

A recent study ran by the scientists of the University of Cambridge reported that a fatal form of hypoglycemia is genetic. Hypoglycemia means low level of sugar in blood. It causes lack of energy in human body to properly function. Scientists asserted that the cause of that disease lies somewhere in genetic mutation. They put responsibility for that disease on the genetic mutation in AKT2 gene.

For the sake of the research the scientists studied and analyzed the genetic code of three children, who were suffering from Hypoglycemia and they found that all of the three children had a common thing in their genetic code and that was they had mutation in AKT2 gene.

Hypoglycemia is a condition where the balance between the hormone insulin and sugar in body gets disturbed. Hormone insulin controls the quantity of sugar in body and do not allow the level of sugar to rise. But when a person suffers from Hypoglycemia, the condition acts as if there is more than enough insulin in the person’s blood and thus the blood sugar level of that person decreases.

The condition can be compared with the condition of a sugar patient, when he or she suddenly intake insulin in his/her body in a quantity, which is more than what he or she is prescribed. The situation may also occur if he/she forgets a meal or drink alcohol.

According to the study, among one lakh children one child is born with the defect of genetic mutation in AKT2 gene. This genetic condition grows hypoglycemia in their blood and thus their bodies act as if they have a lot of insulin in blood, (in spite of having no insulin in blood) although they have many conditions to suffer from high blood sugar.

It is clear from the interpretation of the scientists that the AKT2 gene functions as insulin. However, Prof. Stephen O’ Rahilly has assured that there are medicines for the problem and it can be treated.