In 70% Cases Gene Directly Links Up With Breast Cancers

Various scientists all over the world have claimed that they identified a specific gene which involves with 70 percent of cases of breast cancer that can even act as a resistant to hormone therapies.

This research, which has published at the ‘Nature’ journal’, has adopted a new technique which is quite being able to test 100’s of gene at a time in spite of one at a time.

With the sequence to the fact Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research has stated “There may be a lot of potentialities which can impact significantly, if this drug can be developed.”

The main fact is they are using disruptive, small and snippets of genetic material, which can even turn off the genes. For fulfilling the entire purpose of the study they has injected those cancerous cells with the snippets in order to investigate which genes plays the key role in the field of formation of the tumour and growth.

Throughout, their entire experiment they have found that PHGDH, the highly activate gene, plays the key role in the formation of the 70 per cent of tumours which even does not give any respond to hormone therapies.

In this regard, the scientists have stated “A change in the cancerous cell is directly involved with the production of the amino acid, which also derives this fact in terms of chemistry.”

They have also stated that in terms of identifying the gene, which even leads to some breast cancers, a new drug can be developed, which will interfere with this activity. So, there somehow a lot of impacts are waiting in order to develop this medicine.

Dr Richard Possemato, the leader of this study has stated “Though, we have not treated any patients in between our study or we have not developed any chemical inhibitors of the pathway, then it will be very hard for us to predict the exact response in the general population.”