Inadequate Sleep Can Cause Weight Gain For Teens

That is the age of speed. We live like we are always running out of time. Even teenagers are always in a hurry. We don’t get enough time to spend with our family, to exercise, eat and even sleep.

A recent study has claimed that insufficient sleep can lead the teenagers to weight gain. According to the study teenagers must sleep 8 hours a day, otherwise they may put on a pretty good weight. More over short sleeping can also lead to obesity and high level of BMI in teenagers.

The study author Lata Casturi of Baylor College of Medicine Sleep Center in Houston, Texas has mentioned that if the teenagers do not get enough sleeping hour or more specifically more than 8 hours a day they become tired, stressed. They suffered from illness much often. They feel problem to concentrate and they even fall asleep during class hour, because sleeping properly is very necessary for the proper functionality of brain and so brain somehow finds its way to enough hours of sleep and even though it cannot get it brain starts to be stressed out. She has also mentioned that besides obesity insufficient sleeping can also lead to serious health problems including Heart Problems, High Blood Pressure, Stroke etc.

The researchers observed 108 boys and 147 girls in high schools and requested to submit their height and weight and the time of sleeping in week days and also in week end. They found that those boys, who slept 7 hours or more in week days had 3.8 percent lower BMI level that those, who slept less than 7 hours in week days in an average. Among the girls, who slept 7 hours or more in weekdays had 4.7 percent less BMI level than those, who slept less than 7 hours in weekdays in an average.