Indian People Are Careless About Oral Health, Study Says

A recent study has showed that in India most of the people don’t bother with tooth brushes. The study has showed that most of the Indian people like to brush their tooth with fingers, neem stick etc.

Indian people are also found to be careless about their tooth brushes as well as their Dental Health. Tooth Brushes are generally used to remove to the germs that live on our gum, tongue and teeth. If we don’t take proper care of them we will have to suffer from Plaque or other dental problems. According to the dentists tooth brushes must be changed once per three months because they lose their work ability within three months according to use.

The recent study disclosed that a very few people among those, who uses tooth brushes in India are careful about tooth brushes. Researchers reported that 65 percent people consider to change their tooth brush, when they find signs of damage on it. Of these 63 percent 55 percent people are such that they change their tooth brushes, when the bristles spread on all sides. 43 percent people change their tooth brush when they find it to be dirty and 32 percent throws out their old tooth brush only when the bristles begin to come out. More over 56 percent of people in India thinks that old tooth brushes are not harmful to dental health.

Nowadays doctors are saying that 80 percent of germs do not leave on teeth; they leave on gum, tongue and cheeks. So tooth brushes of old flat trim model are not useful. They suggest to use tooth brushes that have Tongue Cleaners or that can reach to the corners of mouth. So according to the doctors using the proper kind of tooth brush and changing it after every three months is very much needed for Oral Health.