Insomnia Therapy Reduced Suicide Thoughts

Among the health issues the one of the leading concern is the sleep disorder. The problem has attained considerable attention just because of its negative impact on the human mind and body. The negative impact of sleeplessness on the individual may compel him to take part in any devastating and distressing activity. The outcome of that activity may end up at ruining his entire life or may put others life at stake. The cure to this problem is very important to save one from annihilation. The different researches have executed many ways over a period of time, through that one can fight against insomnia. The present article has discussed that how cognitive behavioral theory can help an individual to cure the sleep disorder and eventually to prevent him from being exploited to killing thoughts like suicide

  • Cognitive behavioral theory

The behavioral theory is which tends to analyze the relationship between the psychotherapy and its impact on disorder like mood variation, depression, insomnia and etc. The CBT theory regulates the behavior of an individual and through psychotherapy or counseling session. The therapist through this tactics tries to figure out the reasons which are forcing an individual to act against the normal routine.

  • Research Method

To analyze the impact of insomnia the researcher conducted an exploratory research. The sample was taken from the population comprising of an age group of 18-88 years old people. They all were facing the different problems because of the sleeping disorder. The interrogative session was conducted before undertaking the counseling session with the patients. It was noted that all patients who were suffering with sleep disorder showed an extreme urge for suicide. This indicator was alarming because it has given birth to extreme negativity in individual’s mind.

  • Research findings

Those patients who experienced psychotherapy were able to fight against the insomnia and there approach towards life got better. The negativity and extremism was replaced by the positivity and hopefulness. They tend to look in to the life with the constructive approach.  CBT proved to be a useful remedy to cure the mental illness originated because of sleeping disorder.

The patients suffering from sleeping disorder can get insight from this article. This is a complete guidance for their problem and with effective cure remedy. It is very important to locate the actual reasons for any change in your behavior. The problem should be addressed to the respective expert. The immediate cure will save the individual from its harmful repercussions.