Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Weight Gain

Various scientists all over the world have indicated that just sleep deprivation of one night can even lead you towards weight gain. Not only that, it can also slow down the total body metabolism the next morning that means you can get less energy in the form of calories.

Though, few previous studies have stated that lack of sleep is directly linked up with an increase hunger related hormones during the period of working.

In this regard Christian Benedict, leader of the study at Uppsala University in Sweden, said “Our study is quite be able to show that one night of deprivation in sleep in general reduces energy expenditure in the body of healthy men, which also suggests us that sleep contributes in human at the accurate regulation of daytime energy expenditure. ”

With the sequence to the fact he and his colleagues include 14 male students; those have to survive through a series of sleep condition over several days including no sleep, curtailed sleep and normal sleep. After that they also measured the changes in their eating, blood sugar level, metabolic rate and hormone levels.

Even they also have noticed that a missed sleep of a single night slows down metabolism at the next morning by reducing 5 to 20 percent of energy expenditure in order to do task such as digestion and breathing.

In this regard Sanford Auerbach, existing head of Sleep Disorders Center at Boston, pointed out “Deprivation of sleep is like a complex issue, so it can be cured properly by doing several thing like meditation, though some other issue is existing there regarding this. In this way we can keep our new findings in context.”

Later he also added “This shows that we are now adopting sleep deprivation, so this kind of adaptation can even contribute to weight gain. Though it is not yet clear how this chronic loss of sleep influence hormonal level.”