Light And Dark Can Control Your Fear And Anxiety

Various biologists and psychologists have stated earlier about the light effects on mood, but now a new study has indicated that light can play the key role in the area of developing fear and anxiety.

To justify the entire fact the team of researchers from University of Virginia have taken mice as models, where they have found that light can control fear and anxiety in mice. Quite similarly they have reached their other destination, where they have found not only light even darkness can create fear and anxiety in people.

With the sequence to the fact Brian Wiltgen, the lead author of this study and an assistant professor of psychology, has stated “Through out the entire study we have found that the effect of light can create fear, because light contains a pervasive feature on the environment which creates all this kinds of effect on behavior and physiology.”

Later he has added “Not only that even light can play an important role at the area of developing heart rate, digestion, sleep or wake cycle, mood and other process of the body and our study is quiet been able to show all of that.”

Moreover the researchers have also stated “Through out our study we have learnt that fear in not innate but it entirely comes from the experience such as dangerous or bad situations and in the mean time our study can tell us the way how to protect from that situation.”

Wiltgen has added “Apart from that our study has also shown that light can influence our learning, anxiety and memory. But another evidence of our study has stated that light itself does not fully responsible for creating fear but too much light can create fear. If may be similar for a person even in dark.”

The entire finding has taken place in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences earlier in this week.