Low-Cal Diet Causes Heart To Function Better In Diabetic Patients

A recent study conducted by a researcher team from the Leiden University in the Netherlands has claimed that consuming a low calorie diet for only 4 months can treat diabetes. So people with Type 2 diabetes start your low-cal diet from today. The researchers have also claimed that the new findings will bring uproot changes in the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes is caused by the inefficiency of pancreas of producing enough insulin. As a result glucose levels in blood start to increase and lead to serious diabetic condition. According to the findings consuming low cal diet can control the situations that lead to diabetes. The researchers in the study found that diabetes patients who took low calorie diet showed better health conditions including a reduction in diabetes level than they showed after medication. So if diabetic patients start to take low cal diet they do not need to take insulin to protect their hearts from fat that gathers around heart because of developing diabetes and effect cardiac functions. Researchers are very surprised to see that just a low cal diet is so effective that it can cure Type 2 diabetes significantly for a long time. The first author of the study Sebastiaan Hammer has mentioned that positive changes in life style are more effective than medicines to prevent heart from developing diseases in diabetic patients.

The actual goal of the study was to find out significant effects of weight loss because of reduced calorie consumption. Excessive calorie in body develops pericardial fat around heart and forces heart to work inefficiently which in turn leads to serious heart related problems. The researchers assigned 7 men and 8 women to take a diet of 500 calories a day for four months and tested their heart functionality and pericardial fat before and after the study. After the study they found that the heart functionality rises significantly and the pericardial fat reduced by 1/3 than before.

The researchers are very happy and satisfied with their findings.