Low Vitamin D Causes Early Menstruation

A new study has developed little day earlier which has stated that low vitamin D in young girls may lead them towards early menstruation, not only that but even which can create some risk of hosting health problem for them, even in lateral life of those women.

With the sequence to the fact the team of researchers from the University of Michigan School of Public Health have included more than 242 girls of age between 5 to 12 from Bogota, Colombia and have monitored them by measuring the blood vitamin D levels over 30 months of period.

But the results that have come out through out the entire study have shown that girls with low vitamin D may face twice more likely the problem of early menstruation than those who have not face any problem with her vitamin D level yet.

In this regard Eduardo Villamor, an associate professor in the U-M SPH, have stated “Early menstruation may even cause for some different types of behavioral and psychosocial problems in teens. Moreover, the appearance of earlier menarche can even increase the risk of suffering from cancer and cardio metabolic diseases – in specific the breast cancer.”

Through out the entire research Villamor and colleagues have found that near about 57 percent of the girls with in the group of vitamin D-deficient have reached menarche during the study period with the comparison of 23 percent from the group of vitamin D-sufficient.

In matter of age the girls who were living with low level of vitamin D were 11.8 years old, while their menstruation started, but the other’s menstruation had start at the age to 12.6 years.

Villamor has said “Though this 10 month difference is not seem like a long time but in this age many things can happen to a young girl’s body within this short time.”