Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are a useful and sometimes necessary addition to a massage therapist’s collection of tools. Massage warehouse caters to a massage therapists needs by providing quality massage chairs at a fair price.

There are different chairs developed to serve a variety of purposes, including : the Grasshopper Chair, Oakworks Portal Pro, StrongLite Ergo-Pro, EarthLite Vortex, EarthLite Avila II, Melody Portable Chair as well as electric massage and reclining reflexology chairs.

The Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair was created with simplicity in mind. This product offers professional massage therapists a strong chair that still manages to have a lightweight quality and a simple set-up. The Grasshopper is easily adjustable and resists the effects of age and stains.

Oakworks Portal Pro is a second style of massage chair offered . This chair boasts superior ergonomics in addition to the strength and design required to accommodate a multitude of clients. The Portal Pro also has built-in wheels that allow for smooth transportation of the chair.

The StrongLite Ergo-Pro massage chair is another masterpiece  This chair has a wide range of movement when it comes to adjustments making it better suited for clients of different sizes. It also has telescoping legs that allow it to be moved to a working height best suited to the massage therapist. Lastly, this chair was built with hidden pouches for secure tool placement and offset nylon wheels.
massage chair
The Earthlite Vortex massage chair was designed with ease of use in mind. It was built with extremely lightweight aircraft aluminum and a two-layer support system that provides enhanced comfort. In addition to these features, the EarthLite Vortex utilizes Natursoft Vinyl to further define its ability to offer a pleasant sensory experience.

Another chair in this line is the EarthLilte Avilla II. This newly designed massage chair is extremely compact and was designed to provide advantageous weight distribution. It was built with a high-quality sternum to increase durability and it also makes use of the Soft Support cushioning system and Natursoft upholstery which gives it its silky feel.

Finally, the Melody Portable massage chair is another product that embraces the concept of simplicity. It was created to be set up in mere seconds and contains an adjustable chest pad, a removable sternum pad and an adjustable headrest.

The above products are line of chairs and each chair provides satisfaction in many different areas. There are also electric massage chairs and reclining reflexology chairs. The electric massage chairs are available in several different styles such as massage chair cushions made with memory foam and full size robotic massage chairs. The reclining reflexology chairs are designed with a progressive adjustment system which allows the client to be placed anywhere between an upright sitting position to being fully reclined. These chairs are built to endure and can be used both indoors and outdoors.