Measles Can Save Cancer Patients

Latest cancer studies have found a very interesting and possibly effective cure for tumors. According to researchers in Canada, the virus that causes measles can be effectively targeted on tumors and reduce the risk of cancer. The suggestion has been made after substantial research and study. The working of measles virus is interesting. It attaches a protein to the surface of the cells. The study that was conducted in Dalhousie Medical School, Halifax, Nova Scotia said that the researchers had found a cell receptor called PVRL4 or Nectin4. This acts as a receptor for the deadly measles virus.The leader of the team, Dr. Chris Richardson, along with his team made the study and found how measles virus can help kill cancer cells. The receptor for measles, PVRL4 is generally present in the airway cells. Measles virus, thus attack the respiratory system including air passages and lungs. The study has found that the same receptor is also found in cancer cells. The cancers that have a possibility of being treated are various cancers that can effect the chest area or the respiratory tract such as lungs and breast. In addition, cancers of the ovaries and colon are also in the list of possible treatment receivers.

For the study, cancer cells that are susceptible to virus were studied. Specifically, proteins present in these cells were the major focus of the study. Cancer cells that are immune to virus were compared against cancer cells that were susceptible to them. It was found that measles virus was effective on a large variety of cancer cells. PVRL4 is a largely common kind of receptor found in large number of cancers in the human body. The study proved that when measles virus was injected into the human body, they could be used to infect the cancer cells and subsequently, kill them. If this technique is developed further, it will be a huge breakthrough in the treatment and cure of cancer. Measles virus can also trigger the immune system of the body be kick start a campaign against cancer cells.

The news and research about the effectiveness of measles virus in curing cancer is not new. Previous researches have been conducted on the same issue. However, the novelty in the present study is figuring out a common receptor that is infected by the virus. All the existing research has been carried out on mouse and more experiments are being conducted in order to fine tune the process for human use.