Men are More Likely to Suffer From Memory Loss

It has been now proven through the reports and studies that men are at major risk of suffering from memory loss. There are many factors that are regarded as causes of memory loss. The most frequent is depression. On its occurrence, most of the mental processes are done with difficulty. The memory loss tends to increase and become worse if depression is not cured at time. Stress too is more of a similar cause. When people get over the events that cause stress, the memory becomes effective again.

Every so often, memory loss is induced by medication or appears as a side effect of some medicine. The medicines like Barbiturates or benzodiazepines repeatedly causes memory loss. At this situation, in order to get back the memory it is very essential to discontinue that certain medication. While some of the causes of memory loss can be prevented, others are unavoidable. Additionally, the factors can determine the speed of this process. Memory loss can appear gradually or unexpectedly. Even more, the memory loss can be permanent or temporary, depending on the causes.Memory loss might start unknowingly by forgetting your house keys or being unable to remember someone’s name. Luckily, memory loss is not unavoidable and can be cured by taking preventive measures. The primary step is in identifying the possible causes of memory loss. Some common causes of memory loss include old age, trauma, smoking, alcohol abuse and medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

It is harder to recall or learn great things when you are feeling stressed exhausted, nervous or angry, symptoms of overburdening your mind. The human body is built to protect itself, and this could be a possible cause of memory loss as your mind is handling more than enough already. For dealing with these matters, make an attempt to give yourself a break. You will find that you are able to memorize more easily when your mind is attentive and calm. This will allow you to pay greater interest and commit more to memory.

Alzheimer’s disease is closely connected with memory loss. We can conclude that this condition is also among the most common causes of memory loss. Alzheimer’s disease is recognized by various scale of memory loss, depending on the stage. While at the beginning the person finds frequently used names with difficulty, at the end stages distinguishing family members occurs more often. Alzheimer’s disease is interrelated to age, as most of the people who contract this disease are around 60 years old.

Amnesia occurs when one’s memory is affected, due to either organic or functional causes. Brain damage through physical shock or diseases is a common organic cause, while some other functional causes include psychological elements such as the body’s defense mechanisms. The upsetting amnesia occur because of head injuries, and the period of memory loss is related to the degree of injury. Psychogenic amnesia is an adaptive reaction that permit the children to stay alive by repressing memories, thus maintaining an attachment to someone that has abused them.