Metformin Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk

After a recent study researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland have claimed that a commonly used drug by the patients of type 2 diabetes reduces the risk of developing Ovarian Cancer. The drug named the metformin cuts down the risk of ovarian cancer, reported the researcher. For the sake of the study they observed 1600 women, who took the drug and found that taking the drug cut down their risk of ovarian cancer by 40 per cent.

The researchers found that those women, who had taken the drug at least for ten times showed less chances to develop a Tumor than women, who had not taken the drug or taken it less than ten times. Metformin is of the class of drug named biguanides. That drug has been taken by people since a long period of time to treat type 2 diabetes. That drug is generally used by middle aged people.

The drug controls the glucose production of liver and thus protects the body from the damages done by High Blood Sugar Levels. The drug is also known for reducing appetite and fat contents in body.

The researcher group chose 1611 ovarian cancer patients. After observing and comparing the cases they found that women who were given the drug had 39 per cent less chances to develop tumor in their ovaries than women who were not prescribed to take the drug. According to the researchers the drug slow down the growth of tumor cells and reduces the insulin levels and thus it controls the behavior of cells that lead to develop cancer.

However the drug can have side effects, the researchers have mentioned. The researchers are looking for further tests to know more about the usefulness of the drug to reduce the ovarian cancer risk.