Midwifery Services to be Strengthened

In Washington, D.C. ICM (International confederation of Midwives) conducted a symposium to create an awareness and understanding with respect to the importance of midwifery services.The main concern of this symposium, co-hosted by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) was to maintain a focus on the need of providing qualtiy health services to mother and child.The meet was conducted in association with the World Bank, FIGO, UNICEF, GHWA and JHPIEGO.

Agenda: Midwifery service uliftment

Around 200 midwives and other experts and delegates in related field constituted of the symposium.The aim was upliftment of the midwifery services globally by providing necessary education and all fundamental essentials required for meeting the health demands of women as well as child.Lack of opportunities and requirements in improving health and midwifery services in low resource countires were also discussed.The prevalent issues hindering practice of efficient midwifery services were pointed out in the symposium.

ICM approved midwife

ICM credentials of a midwife are, one who is well qualified and meets all international standards of midwifery definition. Midwife should be registered and should posses’ legal license to practice. Midwife should have good skills which can create remarkable difference in child and women health care. Midwife should be active, responsible and capable of providing the newborn and mother necessary emergency care.

Call for Government

The symposium conducted gave a clear idea about the recent loop holes in midwifery service practices and it also demands an immediate action to improve the midwifery work , training sessions, ensuring good quality work meeting the regulatory standards and providing related improvement in health practices.Various presentations and articles  based on midwifery role, educaiton, care, regulatory essentials were put forward as a call to government to meet the agenda of  improving maternal and neonatal lives. In developing countries each year many women die during child birth and concerned measures should be taken by government in this aspect. Many Midwives also shared their perspectives about their profession and the symposium helped them to understand the need to strengthen midwifery.

Maternal mortality risks are very high during pregnancy and this can be reduced with the service of skilled and properly trained midwives. Inspite of this midwifery services are not sufficient and are declining in majority of the countries due to many reasons like dissatisfaction with the salary, lack of support etc. Problems faced by midwifes as well as midwifery services need to be considered by government and respective measures should be taken.An proper investment to strengthen the midwifery skills and services by stratergic planing is expected as the outcome of the symposium.