Moderate Alcohol Drinking Reduce Death Risk

A recent study conducted in United States has proved that women who drink alcohol more than three weeks a year have less risk of heart attack than who do not drink at all. The study result was published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

The researchers observed 1000 women and found that regardless of the type of drinks women who drank alcohol had a better heart condition that those who did not drink. The leader of the mentioned study Joshua Rosenbloom who is also a student of Harvard Medical School mentioned her exclamation that the study results were same for the different types of drinks. Therefore she concluded that not a specific kind of drink but the alcohol itself is responsible for such result.

The researchers for the sake of the study chose for observation 1200 women who were admitted to hospital for the treatment of Heart attack. Researchers asked those women about the number of alcoholic drinks they consumed every day. They also collected informations about the life style and other health issues, if any, of those women by asking them. After the questioning session they kept observing those women for about 10 years. They found that women who drank at least one alcoholic drink per day and surprisingly those who were heavy drinkers had low death risk caused by heart disease than those who did not consume alcohol at all. The death rate among the light drinkers was 25 out of every 100 and among the heavy drinkers the death rate was 18 out of every 100 while among the non drinkers the death rate was recorded 44 out of every 100.

The researchers also found that the death rate in the follow up period was also low among those women who drank alcohol regardless of whether it was beer, wine or hard liquor than the non drinker women. The death rate was recorded 35 percent low among the drinkers.

So according to the researchers drinking alcohol should not be dropped completely as a moderate drinking is good for health. But they also warned that we should be strict about binding ourselves in the moderate level.