Moderate Beer Consumption Cuts Down Cardiovascular Diseases Risk

A study led by a group of Italian researchers from the Research Laboratories at the Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura “Giovanni Paolo II”, in Campobasso has argued that consuming beer regularly at a moderate level can cause fewer chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Before that it was proved that consuming wine at a moderate level which is approx. 2 glasses daily for men and one glass daily for women can drive down nearly 31 per cent of cardiovascular diseases risk than people who do not drink at all. The latest research is just a supply of new data on beer, in spite of wine regarding the same issue. Actually it is for the first time that a study is establishing such effect of consuming beer with dose-reliant evidence in controlling cardiovascular diseases risk with dose-reliant evidence.

The lead author of the study Simona Costanzo has mentioned that the study worked with beer and wine independently and they found reduction of the cardiovascular risk gradually depending on the amount of less to moderate drinking. They also noticed that if the amount of drinking went above the moderate level the risk of cardiovascular diseases again escalated. At a level of research the effect of beer and wine on the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases showed to be almost the same. Researchers found 12 such cases.

Augusto Di Castelnuovo who is the head of the Statistic Unit of Research Laboratories and also a well known name in the alcohol epidemiological studies has mentioned that drinkers should understand it clearly that the study is not advocating high consumption of alcohol. What the researchers are stressing on is the moderate drinking at a regular basis. One of maximum two glasses of beer or wine every day with family and friends no doubt has positive effects on health, but heavy unreasonable drinking should always be avoided.

The study made its appearance in the European Journal of Epidemiology.