Palm Oil’s Confusing Effect On Cholesterol In Body

Some researchers of the Copenhagen University have claimed that consuming palmolein which is a liquid form of the palm oil is helpful to maintain low cholesterol levels in body. Although the researchers did not claim that high cholesterol levels are harmful for men, but they pointed out to a link between high cholesterol levels and developing the risk of heart attack. They disclosed that the high cholesterol levels in blood increase the risk of heart attack at by at least five per cent.

Tine Tholstrup who led the study requested 32 normal weight young men to be the subjects of her study. She requested them include in their diet palmolein, olive oil or lard in place of usual fat contents in their diet. They were request to continue the routine every day for three weeks. Before the study and after the study the researchers collected the blood samples of the 32 men. They also measured their weight before and after the study.

After the three weeks the researchers found that the cholesterol level of those men who had olive oil decreased by 4.5 per cent on average than those who took the other two diets. The other two diets had almost the same effects.

There are two groups among scientists regarding the effect of palm oil on bad cholesterol. But none of their theories are fully supported by results. Some of the scientists think that palm oil cuts down the bad cholesterol levels in blood while some scientists point out to the fact that palmitic acid which contained in palm oil helps in the rise of LDL cholesterol in blood which in turn raises the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board which is a government trade agency funded the mentioned study.