Parkinson’s disease Can Be Lead By The Sleeping Disorder

Study has found that REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep behavior disorder usually involves with the abnormal behavior, while one experiences vivid dreams as well as nightmares. Even it may lead this towards Parkinson’s disease also.

Within this sleeping disorder people may cry, scram or punch while they are being paused or attacked, especially during the period of mid night. To justify the entire purpose and finding out the internal link between the REM disorder and Parkinson’s Àlex Iranzo, neurologist at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, have performed three studies.

In this matter, Lancet Neurology have stated that his last study on applied brain SPECT have indicated that Parkinson’s patient are associating lower level of hormones. A Hospital Clinic statement after justifying this matter have stated that in Parkinson’s- the dopamine deficiency in the brain region named as substantia nigra is directly linked up with harmony of movements as well as learning, which may even create tumor on that place.

This finding has come out by some of the rewarding experience like sex, drugs, food as well as natural stimuli, while the results are showing that after three years period of monitoring this production by this control group, dopamine was reduced by eight percent due to the age. But still now 20 percent from this group of Rapid Eye Movement patients are experiencing this reduction.

Through out the end of this three years study the researchers have also found that three in each and every 20 patients with REM sleep disorder have developed Parkinson’s, while their dopamine reduction has noted around 30 percent.

Moreover, the authors of this study are currently suggesting that a drug should prevent significantly in order to reduce the dopamine concentration of these patients.