Pollution- The Another Term Of Brain Damage And Depression

A new research has shown that long term effects of air pollution not only involve with the memory problem but aside from that it also involves with the disease like depression.

In this matter a mice test have shown that if anyone sustains under air pollution environment for a long time then this dirty air may involve with some physical changes in the brain which in general causes the negative effects.

With the sequence to the fact Laura Fonken, from the Ohio State University and the existing leader of this study, stated “This report comes in such a time while the other studies are involved with showing the impact of air pollution on lungs and heart, so I think this has become the first study in the world which have shown the effect of air pollution on the brain.”

She said “The entire results, which have come out from the entire study, have shown that prolonged exposure of the negative air can even lead the negative effects on the area of brain, more often which can lead towards a variety of health problems.”

Fonken also added “It somehow could have been more important for those people who work or live in the polluted urban areas all around the world.”

Through out the entire study Fonken and her colleagues of the Ohio State University exposed mice under the polluted air or filtered air for 6 hours a day and five days a week, while they found that it could even half their total lifespan which in general was 10 months.

Though, after the time period of 10 months they had taken a memory test of those mice.

As a result they showed that the mice which breathed under the polluted air had taken a longer time to determine where the exact escape whole was and on the later taste they also forgot where it was.

In an other taste those mice showed depressive or higher level of anxiety in their self behavior.