Possible Unusual Side Effects from Flu Shot Vaccine ?

The Vaccine makers have claimed they will develop the record number of vaccine in this season which will be enough for half of the population of the country. The major flu shot ingredients are dead influenza viruses. There may be any number of different flu viruses circulating at any one time, but pharmaceutical companies only choose three as annual flu shot ingredients. If you have already taken an annual flu shot, you could still catch a new flu virus and still come down with the flu. So, it is still important to protect your immune system and practice good health habits. The Common flu vaccine side effects comprises of the body aches, little grade fever and pain at the point of injection. There are some unusual but the serious flu vaccine side effects that worries many people.

Along with the major flu shot elements the medical companies put in some preservatives. Till lately, there used to be no preservative free flu shots. The introduction of the preservative thimerosal to the flu shot ingredients causes sickness and injury. Thimerosal is mercury based and is believed to have been the cause of flu vaccine side effects in a lot of people. The main reason is the increase of autism in recent years and many researchers and doctors believe that thimerosal, a known neurotoxin, used as flu shot ingredients and in other babyhood vaccines is the reason. It is assumed that some people cannot get rid of mercury from their body and it builds up in their brains causing nerve and brain damage.

Also, some people are sensitive to mercury and thimerosal and can feel serious allergic response as flu vaccine side effects. That is the reason states have forbidden mercury from flu shot ingredients intended for use in children and pregnant women. However, while health advocates have petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to forbid thimerosal from flu shot ingredients, nothing has been done at this time. A lot of manufacturers go on to add thimerosal to their flu shot ingredients.

A few researchers and doctors believe that flu shot ingredients, including thimerosal and aluminum, increases the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Certainly, this is not one of the common flu vaccine side effects and since Alzheimer’s do not develop immediately after taking the shot, then the link can not be confirmed. A renowned physician and researcher showed that people who had five consecutive influenza vaccinations between the years Seventies and eighties were ten times more to be expected to develop Alzheimer’s than were those who had none, one or two.

The record hundred million measure of flu vaccine was created for the year 2006-2007 flu seasons and production is being expected to rise to 140 million dosages for the upcoming flu season. Get prepared for a giant push to get everyone vaccinated this fall. Look upon as it to be psychological pre-conditioning. The main aim is to make every person ready for an injection of the deadly disease flu vaccine when it is available in the market.