Power Nap Is a Good Thing – Say Experts

Sleeping in short phases is a good thing

Experts from the Untied States have uncovered a secrete that is sure to perk up professionals all over the world. According to the latest study conducted them, taking short winks a couple of times through the day might actually be a good thing, even if it means that sleep time collaborates with office hours. While bosses are not too happy with this revelation, the reasons and the conclusions drawn from the study show solid evidence that short winks can help in improving efficiency.

What the study disclosed

This study, which has been undertake by a team of scientists led by Dr. Alon Avidan, an assistant professor of neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles and associate professor of sleep disorders in the same university has revealed that taking a short power nap can help refresh the mind and increase mental skills. Vitality increases and professionals are able to cope with work and work-related stress in a much better manner. In his own words, “power naps help in rejuvenation of the mind”. Drowsiness impairs the working ability of the mind. Taking power naps avoids grogginess in the mornings and does not cause disruption to sleep.

Logic behind the study

According to Dr. Avidan, the drive to sleep increases as the waking time increases. People who work for long hours on jobs suffer from sleep related disorders as their bodies fight the incidence of sleep, which leads to development of biological problems in the body. The circadian cycle, which helps in fixing the sleep pattern of a person undergoes a change due to long working hours and causes reduction in alertness and skills. According to sleep experts, fighting the sleep rhythm of the body causes massive and sometimes, irreversible harm to the body.

Power naps help

As per the study, 15 to 20 minutes of power nap in between work can have a significant effect in increasing the mental capabilities of a person. However, the study also sets stipulation on the duration of power nap. It says that any sleep duration, which is more than half an hour, is not termed as power nap and can actually increase sleeping disorders and drowsiness.

Long naps can be harmful

Experts opine that while short naps are beneficial, long naps have been found to be not as effective. Sleeping for long hours during the day is also an indication of sleeping disorder and reduces productivity. Although beneficial for the body, sleeping during the work is still considered taboo. This study will probably bring some changes in the corporate working patterns.