Protein Not Carbohydrate Responsible For Being Energetic

Researchers after a recent study has claimed to prove our previous thinking that sugar in our body is responsible for Burning Calories and keeping us energetic and awake. They have claimed that not the sugar not protein is responsible to do so. That’s why they have proposed that if someone gets the chance to choose either jam on bread toast or egg white on bread toast he or she should choose the latter.

The mentioned study has also discussed about obesity and sleeping disorder of people. A stimulant called orexin or hypocretin which exudes from the orexin cells in brain controls the wakefulness or restlessness and energy uses in body. If the cells somehow become weak and their activity decreased that results in narcolepsy and also weight gain in some cases.

In the University of Cambridge scientists studied the effects of various nutrient contents on the orexin cells. After the study they came to discover that amino acid that is found in proteins like egg white has the strongest effect on orexin cells and excites them the most.

Some previous studies proved that glucose has negative effect on the orexin cells by blocking them and that is why researchers started to look for the inter connection between suagr and protein. They have also informed that blocking the orexin cells lead to sleeplessness. The recent study has disclosed that protein protects the orexin cells from the negative effects of sugar because Amino Acid prevents orexin cell blocking by controlling glucose.

In former studies it was found that consumption of protein diets make people restless and watchful than carbohydrate diets. The new study is expected to solve the previous unexplained observations.

The lead researcher of the study Dr Denis Burdakov has asserted that in the present day world when obesity and insomnia is rapidly growing on among people it is very much needed to learn more and more about the diet effect on sleeping and appetite.