Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy Explained

For those expecting mothers who are still smoking, it would be wise to stop smoking since they are pregnant because it may cause some defect for their expecting child. Once that, they are thinking of halting smoking, they are on their first step to protecting the health of the baby. Smoking has devastating effects on the baby during pregnancy and after the delivery.

Being a smoker does not mean that a person is bad. It just means that they have a bad habit. The fact that a person is searching for facts about how to stop smoking problem proves that the soon-to-be mothers are doing he right thing for the baby.

Pregnant women who decide to give up smoking faced with countless smoking stop choices. However, the expecting mother should choose a smoking cessation method that can meet the needs of the pregnant mother. In order, for the mother to keep their baby safe is to make sure that they choose a method to stop smoking that has the following criteria:

• Completely Natural: The mother would want to make sure they avoid chemicals or substances that can harm your baby.

• Highly Successful: the pregnant mother does not have the luxury of trying a lot of methods in quitting smoking.

• Fast Acting: Time is off the essence; the sooner the mother quit smoking in pregnancy the less risk they put on their baby.

People may think that nothing meets these criteria; well they are wrong as there are methods that met such criteria. They only need to search for those methods.

The first thing that the expectant mother should not do is to quit smoking “cold turkey”. Attempting to quit with no help that comes from other people has a very low chance of being successful. Next, forget about smoking cessation medications as these are just not safe throughout pregnancy. Lastly, never use nicotine replacement treatment like the patch. They work by substituting the nicotine from cigarettes, and they want to avoid nicotine while pregnant. So stay away of these ways so that you could stop smoking while pregnant.

Now, that the unsafe methods ruled out. This is time to introduce the safe method.

Hypnotherapy, specifically NLP based hypnotherapy. NLP is the short term for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is the best way for expecting mothers so that they could kick the smoking habit from their system. It meets all of the required criteria: being a type of hypnotherapy it has the criteria of being chemical free; it is very efficient and has a high success rate and most of all such method works fast. It also has the added advantage of being very easy to use; Anyone could use it on their own. All that a pregnant mother needs to do is to listen to a specially programmed recording in order to quit smoking.