Rate Of Cancer Death Is Much More Higher Among Less Affluent

A study stated that the people who lived below poverty line in England were more likely die from cancer than those who were coming from affluent background. Here is not over, the researchers also compared on the basics on five different economic groups that the patients whose survival rate between 2004 and 2007 were generally suffering from 14 most common types of cancer, and they also proved that earlier.

So in this purpose the team of King’s College London found that more than 2600 of the deaths among those who were belongs to the deprived background could have been prevented if their survival chances were equal to the socio-economic backgrounds.

But the biggest discrepancy was that at the time of the first month of the diagnosis those who belongs from the poorer areas were more luckily to have at the last stage of cancer, also this could be happen because they are generally less lucky for going to their GP at the first stage of their symptoms or they are unable to receive a quick enough diagnosis.

At the National Cancer Intelligence Network Conference or NCIN the study found that every year 490 deaths happen due to breast cancer, 330 deaths happen due to lung cancer and prostate cancer and 690 deaths happen due to bowel cancer, but the study also stated that this could be avoided if the health inequalities at the section of wealth grounds were eliminated.

Chris Carrigan, the head of the NICN said “We all should need to take a sharp look at these factors like late diagnosis, also uptake of the screening as well as variations in the treatment for the people who belongs from the different social and economic backgrounds if we take some necessary steps for reducing inequality in cancer survival.”